School of Chocolate is the show on Netflix where a master chocolatier teaches chefs to make chocolate art.

The only competitive show in history where there is one winner but no loser. Yes, it is a little unorthodox but this is the beauty of this show.

Who is the host of the School of Chocolate Netflix show?

Amaury Guichon is the host of this show. He is a well-known chocolatier who will train other chefs to make chocolate art by imparting his knowledge about chocolate art.


What is the cast of School of Chocolate?

There are eight chefs in this Netflix show, who will be learning the art of chocolate and there will be one best person who will get whooping prize money.

List of contestants of  School of Chocolate is as follows

  • Amanda Miller
  • Stephanie Norcio
  • Tyricia Clark
  • Mellisa Root
  • Daniel Corpuz
  • Thiago Silva
  • Juan Gutierrez
  • Cedrick Simpson

Who won and what was the prize money at the School of Choclate?

Juan Gutierrez won the school of chocolate first season and got the whooping amount of $50,000. He also got the opportunity to teach at the International Master’s class at Chef Guichon’s Pastry Academy in Las Vegas



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